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Donner DEP-10 Review

Donner DEP-10 is an entry-level digital piano that is designed to provide a great playing experience for beginners and intermediate players. It features 88 full-sized keys with hammer action that offers a realistic touch and feel of an acoustic piano. In this review, we will discuss the key features, pros, and cons of Donner DEP-10.

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Donner DEP-10 Specifications

Keyboard Semi Weighted
Size 52.3*11.6*7.2 in
Timbre/Rhythm 8/128
Pedals 1
Preset songs 30
Recording Yes
Weight 18.9 lbs.
MIDI connectivity Yes
Bluetooth No
Piano cover No

Key Features:

  • 88 full-sized keys with hammer action
  • 128 polyphony notes
  • 8 high-quality voices
  • Dual mode and Split mode
  • Reverb and Chorus effects
  • MIDI connectivity
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Headphone and sustain pedal jacks


  • The hammer action keys provide a realistic touch and feel of an acoustic piano.
  • The 128 polyphony notes ensure that all the notes sound clear and natural.
  • The eight high-quality voices provide a variety of sounds to choose from.
  • The Dual and Split modes allow for playing multiple sounds simultaneously.
  • The lightweight and portable design make it easy to move and store.
  • The headphone jack and sustain pedal jack offer a more personalized playing experience.


  • The built-in speakers could be more powerful and louder.
  • The sustain pedal is not of the highest quality.

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My Experience About Donner DEP-10

As someone who has been playing the piano since the age of 6 and is now turning 27 in a month, I recently had an experience with a full-size keyboard piano that cost around $300. I had taken a break from playing for around 10 years due to college and other life commitments, and I didn’t want to invest in a true piano at this time because I don’t yet have a house.

Going into this experience, I didn’t expect too much from the keyboard piano. It was more of an experiment to see how it would compare to a real piano. Unfortunately, I found that the key feel was not great and the keys were not semi-weighted. They were basically regular keyboard keys with the actual key shape, but the weight felt flimsy, similar to a regular 61-key Casio keyboard. However, I do think this keyboard piano would be perfect for beginners who want the feel of an actual piano without shelling out over $700 for a real piano, only to abandon their resolve to learn it a few weeks later. But if they transition to a real piano later on, they should keep in mind that the keys will feel slightly stiffer, which will give them more control.

Another problem I had with the keys was that they seemed to have an “all-or-nothing” approach below a certain pressure point, so I was unable to get to the actual lowest volume that an actual piano can achieve. This resulted in a lot of missing notes on delicate pieces like the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata. Additionally, the noise level was sudden and not linear, which meant that there were only four volume levels: loud, somewhat louder, softer, and nothing in between. Despite these issues, I still believe that the keyboard piano is a good option for beginners on a budget.

In terms of weight, the keyboard piano was not too light, but calling it portable was a stretch. As for sound, the piano sound was realistic, but the pedal that came with the piano was not great as it had a horrible dead zone before it could properly register. However, the reverb setting improved the sound, although it was a bit hidden. I appreciated the different voice and instrument options, as well as the ability to write directly into music composing software on my devices, as I am a composer myself. The piano volume was great too. I set it to about 40%, and it sounded about 75% of how a grand piano would sound in your ears.

Overall, I recommend this keyboard piano for beginners who want to try out piano playing and decide whether a real piano is worth the investment. However, it’s important not to expect a piano-like experience from this keyboard piano. Also, it doesn’t come with a stand, so buyers should keep that in mind.

Conclusion: Overall, Donner DEP-10 is a great entry-level digital piano that offers a realistic playing experience with its hammer action keys and variety of voices. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move and store. However, the built-in speakers could be improved, and the sustain pedal could be of better quality. Nevertheless, it is a great value for the price and is highly recommended for beginners and intermediate players.

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