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Yamaha DGX670B 88 Review

Are you in search of a piano that has all the feel and sound of an acoustic combined with the connectivity and features of a digital instrument? The Yamaha DGX670B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano is designed to meet your needs. From its realistic graded hammer action keyboard to its intuitive design, this digital piano offers a user experience unlike any other. With the ability to connect with computer software and apps for real-time information tracking, lessons, practice tools, and more – this modern instrument helps you make learning music fun!

Yamaha DGX670B 88 Specifications

Number of Keys 88
Keyboard Type GHS(Graded hammer standard) keyboard
Piano Sound Yamaha CFX
Polyphony 256
Number of Voices 601 Voices + 29 Drum / SFX Kits
Number of Preset Songs 100
Number of Preset Styles 263
Bluetooth Audio
Size 1,397 × 445 × 151mm (55″ × 17- 1/2″ × 5-15/16″)
Weight 21.4 kg (47 lb, 3 oz)


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The Yamaha DGX670B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano is a top-of-the-line instrument that offers high piano quality and a variety of features for an authentic piano experience. Only Yamaha, a leader in acoustic piano manufacturing, can offer the elite quality of the DGX-670’s Voices. From tonal variation that responds to the player’s touch to the sympathetic resonance of grand pianos, the impressive sound represents an authentic piano-playing experience. The world-class concert grand, Yamaha CFX Voice is also included.

The DGX670 has Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM), which recreates the sympathetic resonance of an acoustic piano. This allows players to customize their piano sound settings to get the most realistic experience possible. The 88-note weighted GHS keyboard also allows for an authentic piano-playing experience. Additionally, the powerful speaker system fills any room with rich sound.

For even more convenience, the Stereophonic Optimizer lets players enjoy an incredible headphone experience. This feature adjusts the spatial distribution of sound according to the player’s position, simulating a natural listening environment. Additionally, Bluetooth Audio lets players jam along with their favorite music streamed wirelessly from their phone or tablet. The DGX670 is even compatible with Chord Tracker (Yamaha app), which analyzes songs from a music library and displays chord symbols and notation so players can follow along on the keyboard. Plus, a built-in mic input lets players sing along karaoke style and record their performances USB Audio Play & Recording makes it easy to save recordings to a computer for editing and sharing. The Score Display function is also great for lesson time, allowing teachers to see what students are playing in real-time.

The optional stand and pedal set completes this powerhouse digital piano with a polished look befitting any home décor.

Yamaha DGX670B 88

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About Yamaha DGX670B 88

Brand Yamaha
Color Black
Number of Keys 88
Item Weight 68 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 66 x 18 x 8 inches

Yamaha DGX670B 88 Features

  1. Adaptive Style – Accompaniment that automatically adjusts to your playing intensity.
  2. Simple Style – Minimal accompaniment for a simpler sound
  3. Smart Chord – Pro chords, played simply!
  4. Unison & Accent
  5. 630 high-quality instrument Voices
  6. Bluetooth Audio
  7. Compatible with Chord Tracker (Yamaha app)
  8. Mic input
  9. USB Audio Play & Recording
  10. Score display for lesson
  11. Optional stand and pedal

Product information

The Yamaha DGX670B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano or improve their skills. It has a weighted key action that gives you the feel of an acoustic piano, plus it has a variety of entertaining features that will make playing music more fun. You can use the built-in microphone jack to sing while you play, and the Yamaha digital vocal effects will give your voice an extra boost. The Yamaha You Are The Artist library provides access to hit songs from Hal Leonard, and you can learn how to play them by reading the scrolling notes on the built-in Score Display. The optional UD-WL01 wireless adapter lets you explore the world of Yamaha music apps for iPad, and apps like Chord Tracker will enhance your piano-playing experience.

– CFX STEREO SAMPLING – Yamaha’s flagship CFX Full Concert Grand piano is faithfully reproduced on this digital piano. With its stereo sampling, you can truly appreciate the sound of the instrument.

– GHS WEIGHTED ACTION – Just like an acoustic piano, the GHS weighted action provides a heavier feel in the low keys and a lighter feel in the high keys. This makes it more natural for your fingers to play.

– SPECIAL MATTE BLACK KEYS – The special matte black keytops are designed to absorb moisture and remain tactile after extended use without becoming slippery. This way, you can enjoy playing for hours on end without having to worry about your hands slipping.

– ADAPTIVE STYLE – Adaptive Style automatically shifts between the Main Style Variations by changing your velocity and number of notes

Personal Experience

If you’re in the market for an affordable digital piano, I highly recommend checking out the Yamaha DGX 670B. It’s packed with features, has great sound quality, and is a steal at under $1000. Don’t let the reviews about the onboard speakers deter you – they actually sound really good! The Yamaha DGX 670B is a great keyboard that offers beautiful piano sounds and good speaker quality. Yamaha offers a board that exceeds the expectations of most customers in terms of quality and sound. This keyboard is well-built and has good sound quality, but could use instructional videos.

Key Points

•On July 30, 2022, I purchased a Yamaha DGX 670B synthesizer for under $1000.
• I found that the piano sound and speakers were of good quality despite reviews to the contrary.
• The keyboard offers multiple piano tones and voices as well as arranger functions.
• After three months of use, it was discovered that this board could be hooked up to a laptop via a USB cord without needing an additional MIDI/Audio Interface in order to access DAWs or virtual pianos such as KEYSCAPE or Alicia’s Keys.
• This allows users to expand their available sounds with minimal delay when using VSTs through Bluetooth-connected onboard speakers after installing Yamaha Steinberg driver software.

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